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Xyber Solutions offer cloud services that will ensure reliability, scalability and affordability to customers whether they are a sole trader, or a growing small to medium enterprise. We will help you grow your business utilizing the latest in technology that is easier to use, and often more affordable than traditional on-premise solutions.

What is the cloud ?
The cloud is a term that has taken the I.T and business world by storm recently. It is a very broad term, but in most cases, relate to any technology that your business use or can use outside your premise. Xyber Solutions is at the forefront of cloud technology,

  • Xyber Solutions Hosted Email Solutions
  • Xyber Solutions Hosted Exchange Email Online
  • Xyber Solutions Hosted AntiSPAM & AntiVirus Email Security Services
  • Xyber Solutions Hosted File Management Solutions
  • Xyber Solutions Hosted Online Backup

Why move to the cloud ?
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  • Cost – Cloud based email and collaboration tools offer set and predictable monthly costs based on usage, with much more affordable upfront costs compared to traditional on-premise hosted solutions.
  • Time – Cloud based solutions can be deployed in a much shorter period of time for the setup and configuration, compared to existing on-premise solutions.
  • Backup – Cloud based solutions come with pre-defined backup and maintenance schedules, which you don’t have to manage on-premise.
  • Ideal for growing Small to Medium sized businesses, with its ease of use, low initial cost, and scalability and reliability, it is the future of I.T and a no brainer for growing companies!

Give us a call to see if you are ready for the cloud!